Kouzmanoff, Notable Macedonian-Americans. Spelled in Skopje, Kuzmanovic

Keith Kouzmanoff. Actor [The Other One] | Now Playing On: • YouTubeAmazonVuduGoogle Play
Kevin Kouzmanoff. Professional Baseball Player [wikipedia] [MLB]
Jim Kouzmanoff. President Vermillion County War Museum. [vcwm.org]
Tommy Kouzmanoff. Sports Journalist, Author and Athletic Official. [Golfs Greatest Shots by the Worlds Greatest Players (out of print)] [Chicago Tribune] [Bensenville] [Chicago Catholic League] [Daily Hearld] [IHSA Hall of Fame]
Alexander Kouzmanoff. Columbia University, Head of Architecture School. (Former chair of architecture at Columbia University's Graduate School of Architecture, Planning, and Preservation) [NY TIMES] [KB Architects] [Columbia.edu]