Kouzmanoff, Notable Macedonian-Americans. Spelled in Skopje, Kuzmanovic

Tommy Kouzmanoff will be remembered at the May 20, 2017 Athletic Officials Association (AOA), the oldest referee training organization in Illinois and thought to be the oldest in the United States as it celebrates its 100 year anniversary in 2017. Tommy AOA Basketball and Football Official worked IHSA state Basketball finals in 1953, 54 55 who served as the longest running Football Division President for 15 years. He was a newspaper reporter who worked for the Chicago American and he covered 31 IHSA state final basketball tournaments. Tommy Kouzmanoff. Sports Journalist, Author and Athletic Official. [Golfs Greatest Shots by the Worlds Greatest Players (out of print)] [Chicago Tribune] [Bensenville] [Chicago Catholic League] [Daily Hearld] [IHSA Hall of Fame]

Kevin Kouzmanoff. Professional Baseball Player [wikipedia] [MLB]

Jim Kouzmanoff. President Vermillion County War Museum. [vcwm.org]

Alexander Kouzmanoff. Columbia University, Head of Architecture School. (Former chair of architecture at Columbia University's Graduate School of Architecture, Planning, and Preservation) [NY TIMES] [KB Architects] [Columbia.edu]